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The Morning Show with Scott and Catherine

scottScott Wheeler I’m always asked, “are you the same Scott Wheeler..?” Yes, I’m that Scott Wheeler, the guy who screamed into a hot microphone at KZ93 and Big Oldies 93.3 many strands of hair ago. In June of 2006, God called me to use my gifts at 91.5 WCIC as co-host of The Morning Show and Operations Director for the station. Although I’m from the Chicago suburbs, I’ve been in the Peoria area now for 30 years and consider it home. I live with my wife of 27 years, Susie, in Washington and am blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, Jamie, Haley, and Kristen. These days, as “empty nesters,” our “boy” Otis (the dog) and “Kit” (the cat now on 8 3/4ths of her 9 lives), keep us busy. I do freelance research for Insurance Quote Deals when time allows but I really love music of all kinds, and have played just about all kinds on the radio at one point or another. I make a pretty good partner for games of “Name That Tune.” Living out my faith in the context of real life is what makes me tick and making someone smile and feel better is one of my greatest joys in life.

catherineCatherine Cambra I’m not a morning person…yet wake up before the crack of dawn every day to do life with you, the listening family of 91.5 WCIC. And It’s the best gig of my life. Go figure! I have been working at WCIC since the fall of 2008 and before that I worked as a television reporter in Bangor, Maine and right here in Peoria. I grew up in Hawaii but have called Peoria home for the past (gasp) five years. In the fall of 2007, I married Jeff and inherited his two children, Max and Delaney. In October 2010, I became a mommy and adopted sweet baby Hayes from Russia. I love having candid conversations on and off the air while laughing and living in an authentic relationship with Christ. Orphan care is my heartbeat while good coffee and good friends are oxygen to my soul. And if you see a frazzled Hawaiian with crazy hair chasing a child through the grocery store aisles, have some grace! When I’m not on the radio, I’m coping with the fabulous/terrible two’s!